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Artist Interview→ nik1.3.1.2


From time to time 404 Tattoo Shop Milano is glad to collaborate with international artists in order to give some new and fresh ideas.
We believe that tattooing nowadays is based on the global culture where you can get the best and newest ideas from around the world, of course guest spotting is one of the main ways for us to give you the best tattoo artists around the world but we believe in nurturing young illustrator in order for our clients to have international flashes.
Here’ s Nicole Molleda interview, an artist I came across on the instagram with which we’ re having a super new collab! Enjoy and feel free to book her designs!


  • Where are you from and how does that affect your work?

I am from La Paz, Bolivia. 

  • Who are your biggest artistic influences?

My biggest artistic influences are Juan y Diego (@juan.y.diego) an artist from Colombia, Armin Castellon (@armincastellon) an illustrator and graphic designer from Bolivia, Salvador Pomar (@salvador.pomar) a Bolivian illustrator and Daniela Rico a engraver artist from Bolivia and Kasey Golden a  graphic designer and illustrator from Canada (@kaseythegolden)

  • Tell me about your favorite medium.

For now my favorite medium is digital.

  • Where do you find inspiration?

I found inspiration in nature, cows, animals, my daily life, my emotions and my family  


  • When is your favorite time of day to create?

My favorite moment to create is at night, everything is calmer and for some reason I feel more inspired than in the day. I usually sketch at night. 

  • Describe how art is important to society.

For me art is important because it helps to express what cannot be spoken or seen, creating another type of reality.

  • What motivates you to create?

What motivates me is the connection with society. I like to read comments in which they feel identified, inspired or when my illustrations make them laugh. I love knowing that many people not only like my work, but it also becomes part of their lives and memories.

  • How do you define success as an artist?

I can define success as the freedom to create new things every day, grow and evolve for the sole reason of loving what you do.

  • Does art help you in other areas of your life?

Yes, art helps me in many  areas of my life, it helps me channel my emotions but even more the “negative” ones, to express things that are difficult for me to speak or cope with, it keeps me sane hahahaha, it also it help me to connect and spend time with myself, my emotions and my ideas, and as an independent illustrator it is also my main source of income.


  • How do you develop your art skills?

I developed my skills at an early age, it was through the support of a close family member. After a few years I was accepted in The National Academy of Fine Arts of my country, I graduated as an engraver, with a little knowledge of design and illustration.

In 2019 I signed up for an animation workshop and was assigned to be part of the art or concept art team, when the workshop ended I was in love with digital art and my skills had improved enough, so I began to practice and create.